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Web Summit 2018 - we're back!

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Magdalena Zwolińska | 2018-11-03 10:45:56
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This year we're coming back to one of the largest tech conferences - Web Summit in Lisbon, with the Polish promotion and information stand.


Last year it was our first time to participate in this Europe's leading tech event and we were delighted with the response to the stand and with the number of Polish companies attending the conference.



We held an enormous number of meetings with people coming to the Polish booth to learn more about startup community in our country and opportunities for cooperation.



We're sure that the 2018 edition will be even more exciting. Have a look at some of the Polish companies participating this year and make sure to stop by our stand to learn more!


Activy Bike to Work – wellbeing tool for happier and healthier employees. Mobile app powered by AI can automatically detect and save cycling – no need to click "start" and "stop". The scientific gamification model helps people to build healthy habits and engages non-sporty employees. Corporates and startups use Activy to drive engagement and promote health or CSR programs at their workplaces.



Ailleron is a global company creating technologically advanced software for the fintech sector. Our solutions operate successfully all over the world, in the largest banks and financial institutions, enabling our clients to gain market advantage thanks to the use of the latest technologies and digital communication channels.

Ailleron’s flagship products are:

LiveBank Virtual Branch - the video, audio, text chat omnichannel platform supporting complete sales process and client service. This advanced fintech solution lets banks engage with the customer using dynamic offers and real-time online assistance through video, audio, text chat omnichannel platform, click to call and collaboration modes such as co-browsing, sharing or presentation.

Challenger Bank - completely modern, modular, non-legacy and open banking platform, that is specifically architected to address the key challenges facing Challanger Banks. We deliver everything you need to run and operate a profitable bank. From frontend interfaces to backend general ledgers and everything inbetween. With our complete turn-key solution you can start-up a financial institution in few months.

RoboWealth – smart B2B retail investement platform for banks and independent brokers. It allows to automate investment process for retail clients and boosts online acquisition.

Other products: Leasing Digital Solution, VTMs, AI and Chatbots and Marketing Automation for banking.



Better Software Group is a software solution provider with 8-year lasting presence on the European market. BSG creates and develops next generation Native and Mobile Web Apps within IoT, FinTech and TV area on multiple platforms and all types of devices. BSG successfully implemented more than 200+ projects with 10+ million end users for companies such as Canal Digital, NC+, Orange, Bonnier, Nokia, ING, AmRest, NorthStar.



Codahead is a Polish software development company, operating since 2008. We are helping clients by providing professional Software development services, Outsourcing and Hardware engineering.

We've built scalable, high-performing mobile and web applications, from funcional UIs to powerful backends. We expertise through prototype variety of hardware, create or connect to and support reliable payment options.

Our solutions work on over 50,000 devices and process over $3 bilion in transactions annually. We delivered international projects for large scale enterprises and startups from both United States and Europe. We're based in Cracow, Poland and New York City, US.



Devskiller is a developer screening and online interview platform powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology. The tool allows you to find developers with the right skill set, shortening your Time-to-Hire by 60%. Our programming tests mirror the 1st day of work experience to identify top performers. They go beyond testing languages by testing frameworks, libraries, and databases.



We have established with the main goal of supporting ambitious internet projects, by providing the most flexible offer on the market. What is unique is that we offer a single packet that fits the needs of individual customers, with Dynamic Edge. Dynamic Edge package combines all the benefits of shared hosting, as well as cloud computing.

We have adapted an approach of continuous improvement. Thanks to the fact that we offer one single product, we can continuously focus on improving and developing Dynamic Edge, as a result we have became the fastest growing hosting company in the United States.

We have introduced the most innovative product in the form of Dynamic Edge, that has been rolled out in the United States, and in other countries with huge success. long term goal is to become the most dynamically growing hosting company in the world.



dotLinkers is a boutique, highly IT specialized recruitment agency working in agile way. We support Clients from start-ups to SME and beyond. We do not work with big outsourcing centers à we have no off-limit clauses and we can hunt freely. We know the business and the market perfectly well – our team’s average experience in IT recruitment is over 4 years. We have an extensive experience in managing from small unitary recruitment projects up to complex RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). We rely on an efficient combination of cutting-edge recruitment tools and our private network continuously developed throughout the years. Our capacities are high – our team is composed of 10 IT Talent Hunters. We don’t have any turnover in our Team – the capital of knowledge and experience systematically grows

We recruit Unicorns – software developers and infrastructure engineers. We started in the Dragon Valley of Cracow, Poland, and now we recruit all over the world.

Our Clients are the coolest tech companies (exclusively start-ups and companies making astonishing products and services). We work with the best tech talents. In a word, we link the best!

We work only with a few selected companies, so we don’t have any off-limits, what means 99% of the talent pool is open for us. We know what we do – our Team consists of people with the greatest experience in IT recruitment in Cracow. We apply individual candidate’s approach (our response rate among candidates is aprox. 40% vs 20% by our competitors). We use the most advanced sourcing tools and techniques. We do network!



Handsoncode is a product-driven company which provides comprehensive, self-hosted JavaScript components to enterprises and ISVs building data-rich web applications. Its main product is Handsontable Suite, which is a set of JavaScript UI Components created to help developers build data-rich applications.

The company launched in 2015 and has been growing about 100% year-over-year since then. They are currently a 12-person company with headquarters in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Poland. As a bootstrapped enterprise, they are not funded by any third-party entity or investor. Handsoncode is proud to deliver popular open source products and are in the process of expanding their product line by offering cloud products in the nearest future.



HiDone is a simple mobile platform that functions as a marketplace for neighbourly services. Our application is connecting people, who want to get incremental income and are able to offer their skills in supporting others: nurses, doctors, teachers, kindergarten teachers, caretakers, hairdressers, mechanics, IT-specialists, gardeners and many more, with their neighbors who are in need of particular services. The platform supports the trend of sharing economy by creating a tool for people who want to work after hours in their professions.

The very intuitive and user-friendly interface is supported by a system based on innovative solutions, such as blockchain technology, that is an inseparable part of the application. HiDone focuses on user convenience - that's why the user doesn’t have to write any long advertisements nor browse through dozens of offers - the database of ready-to-work verified assistants is available through 2-3 taps. Ease, flexibility, reliability and safety characterize the HiDone application, which becomes a universal solution for people around the world.



Husarion provides autonomous robot platforms for research and education with software tools to connect robots over the internet. Their newest product is Husarnet - a P2P, VPN network dedicated for robots, autonomous vehicles and Industrial IoT.



Igoria Trade SA was founded in 2011 by a team of banking experts in Warsaw, Poland. The company received instant recognition as the leading provider of international advisory, consulting and fintech: payment processing and card issuance services to the individuals and corporate users. Company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, NewConnect, and has branches and subsidiaries in USA, UK and Singapore. Igoria Trade SA operates online exchange money platform and micro-payments app for schools With European Financial Institution license and Mastercard Principal Membership, in 2018 Igoria Trade has launched a new card platform IgoriaCard multicurrency.

IgoriaCard is the multicurrency card platform for individuals and companies. Prepaid and debit cards with the smart exchange feature are linked with the innovative multicurrency account and remittance platform that delivers a frictionless experience in the cross-currency environment.

Advanced user role management and individual privileges configuration give flexibility of setting up the financial platform for international organizations, business contractors and enable managing the fleet of the corporate cards for SMEs and travel expenses settlement - it works even for families!

IgoriaCard is also fintech marketplace for 3rd party services – investments, factoring, e-wallet top-up, and blockchain solutions. Multicurrency service is available as web/mobile/API/whitelabel.

IgoriaCard – many currencies, infinite possibilities.



Nopio is a trusted software house from Poland, designing and developing custom websites and web applications for businesses and startups from around the world.
It offers:

  • Web Development - Ruby on Rails, React, WordPress, HTML5/CSS3
  • MVP Development - startup consulting, business strategy, growth hacker marketing
  • UX Design - wireframes, prototyping, design

As a group of experienced and passionate developers, Nopio team is ready to take on any challenge you throw their way.



Perkspotting, the first peer to peer marketplace for sharing unique discounts.

In one simple click of a button, you can connect with other users who can pass on discounts therefore eliminating the need to shop for discount sales, in outlets and online. With Perkspotting you can view a wide selection of the most distinctive and limited discount offers available from exclusive brands such as Apple, Hermes or Tommy Hilfiger.

The Perkspotting community is adding listings in more cities and is planning to grow and expand further. Perkspotting’s vision is to continue building a global community marketplace that gives people the ability to unlock the doors of the world of discounts. Perkspotting aims to transform the experience of discount sharing into an entertaining and effortless online and offline process.

Perkspotting team is on the edge of creating a new economy and space for people to not only connect with others online but make meaningful connections offline as well.



Polcode is an international full-cycle software house with over 1,200 completed projects. We’ve provided comprehensive software development services to 800+ businesses of all sizes worldwide. With a 99% job success rate on Upwork and a 5-star rating on Clutch, we know how to code to make your project work. We have over 150 professionals on board, including certified developers, UX designers, project managers, admins, client service support team, and QA team.

Technology stack in tune with modern trends in software development—PHP, RoR, Magento, Angular, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress.

Building effective and technologically advanced solutions is one of our core values. We’ll analyze your project carefully and use our highly specialized technological pillars to ensure the end product fits your exact business needs. Our Technological Pillars:

  • Polcode E-commerce—from small web shops to international multi-stores and marketplaces
  • Polcode Web Development—full-cycle web development, frontend & backend, RWD, modifications/upgrades of existing sites, CMS, 3rd party integration.
  • Polcode Business Solutions—custom business-oriented solutions (intranet, CRM, ERP, LMS, SaaS, custom IM, API-centric solutions, mobile booking systems, etc.)
  • Polcode Outsourcing—dedicated English-speaking teams, wide range of technologies, certified developers, flexible working hours, team augmentation, contract managers, monitoring and reporting



Realko24 is an innovative platform matching landlords and tenants. We are changing the rules of the game in the commercial real estate market, maximally simplifying finding the desired space and reducing costs. Our paying customers are biggest commercial real estate landlords&funds.

How does it work?

  1. Landlord: specify what queries you want to see and wait for interested tenants.
  2. Tenant: tell us what real estate your business needs, and the landlords themselves will reach you.
  3. Realko24: connects the landlord and the tenant.
  4. The connection: the landlord contacts the tenant with a tailor-made proposal, prepared by a specialist.
  5. The effect: Realko24 connect only parties that match each other, saving their time and allowing them to sign the contract.
  6. It’s free for the Tenant. The Landlord pays the lowest commission on the market which enables to offer better rental conditions for the Tenant. Win win. We do not rent. We connect.




RELYON IT SERVICES is one of the fastest growing IT companies on the Polish market. It offers the highest quality IT solutions as well as integration, implementation and consulting services, all the components necessary for successful implementation. The company's specialization is business transformation projects based on an appropriate selection of available technologies enabling customers to optimize operating costs and increase the company's profit. The company supports enterprises in the effective implementation of IT projects, directing to the project teams on the client's side their best specialists. The RELYON IT SERVICES team of experts is more than 200 engineers and business consultants prepared to implement highly complex and advanced projects. Thanks to the teams delegated by RELYON IT SERVICES, the company's clients receive access to experienced professionals and experts, without having to change the structure of their organization or recruit new employees.

The cooperation of the company with DocuSign - the world leader in the field of electronic signature services, allows RELYON IT SERVICES to provide the highest technology quality, which significantly reduces the time of document acceptance, shortens the decision process, improves transaction security and increases customer satisfaction. The solutions are fully compliant with Polish legislation and applicable standards.




The Remote-how Academy is the first global, online education and certification program covering key remote work skills and tools, customized towards both companies and individuals who are looking for structured know-how and consulting from top worldwide experts. The Academy is creating and unifying remote work skills, processes and know-how globally, effectively enabling professionals to work from anywhere and for companies to build and manage distributed teams operating at peak efficiency. The Academy content and assessments are available through an online learning management system, consisting of videos, keynotes, tools tutorials, e-books and practically oriented hands-on-tasks.




The Synerise AI Growth Cloud is a business platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to support companies in boosting their marketing and sales activities. It facilitates the Digital Transformation of enterprises regardless of the scale of their operations by providing unique knowledge about customers and tools that enable effective management of various advertising campaigns.

Synerise analyzes data from all customer contact points with the brand, creating behavioral profiles and offering dynamic segmentation of marketing messages for different groups of customers. It can predict future customer behavior and personalize communications via SMS, email, web push, mobile push, RTB or dynamic content.

They are building the Next Generation Marketing Cloud - Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, about Synerise.

Synerise's mission is to improve the end-user experience with brand marketing. It is working to end the marketer-as-spammer stereotype and believes that brands and their customers can work together to create mutually beneficial relationships. Each brand can be a lovebrand with the right help and support of Synerise AI Growth Cloud.



TakeTask is an application which improves and digitalises communication in companies. It enables delegate tasks from the head office to lower level employees (eg entering a new shelf planogram) – through the application, the headquarters can provide employees detailed instructions on how to perform the task, in turn the employee can easily confirm the task (eg by sending a photo or video).

Our innovativeness consists in using smartphones and TakeTask applications to contact employees. The benefit is a better level of communication and execution of tasks in the retail area. At the same time, the application allows you to minimize the time needed to create and distribute tasks, which allows you to effectively implement marketing and sales strategies in the organization, which it turn translates into better sales results.

It is worth noting that TakeTask is an application that can also be used to gain market information by using crowdsourcing. In exchange for financial gratification, application users can perform simple tasks for companies - for example, perform a price audit or a mystery shopper survey.