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Poland will be present at Japan IT Week

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Magdalena Zwolińska | 2018-04-30 11:35:58
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Japan IT Week is one of the world’s leading trade shows for the IT sector professionals. This year it will be possible to meet in person representatives of several Polish exhibitors presenting their products and services at the event. Poland will also organise a promotional stand, providing additional opportunity to learn more about the country’s technology potential and meet business partners.

The stand will be organised by the Polish Agency for the Enterprise Development in the framework of the Polish ICT Promotion Program. The aim of the program is to build awareness of the Polish technologies among the professionals, potential investors, buyers and clients around the world.



You'll find us in the SOFTWARE & APPS DEVELOPMENT EXPO area, stand E9-4.


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Want to know what to expect? Have a look at our previous stands!


See below for information on the Polish companies, which you'll be able to meet during Japan IT Week:



Evatronix is a Polish company focused on the implementation of innovative technologies in various areas of modern production: it offers comprehensive solutions in the field of electronic systems design and implementation, CAD / CAM solutions, and manufactures advanced high-precision professional 3D scanners. The interdisciplinary but complementary competence of the Evatronix team integrates the areas of electronics, mechanics, programming, computer science, metrology, and algorithms.

eviXscan 3D is a brand of high-precision optical 3D scanners using structured light technology available from Evatronix. Currently Evatronix offers three models in its Heavy Duty product line (Quadro, Optima and Basic) designed for high-precision applications in the areas of reverse engineering, contactless quality inspection and rapid prototyping, and two small object scanners: Dentica and Zoom for the usage in dental prosthetics, precise machinery and jewellery. With an extensive network of resellers, eviXscan 3D scanners are now available in almost all European, North American, Asian and African markets.

The eviXscan 3D range products were developed by a multidisciplinary team of Evatronix engineers inspired by the company customers, while at the same time carefully listening to their positive and critical comments. Being the manufacturer of eviXscan 3D scanners, the company goes even further than sales of its standard products.

We provide our partners with:

  • know-how as regards 3D scanning applications – including training courses and consulting at the stage of needs identification and implementation.
  • services – including 3D scanning as well as 3D modelling (i.e. converting a “raw” STL file into fully adequate 3D CAD model) as well as preparing the dimensional inspection reports,
  • third-party software (3D Systems/Geomagic, Leios, Spaceclaim) – supporting design, reverse engineering, non-contact quality control,
  • customized metrological solutions – based on eviXscan 3D scanners (as the above-mentioned solutions featuring the robot arm).




Exaco is specialized software vendor from Poland which creates and delivers innovative off-the-shelf native mobile and web applications, platforms development, business analysis and consultancy, software manual and automated testing, and also e-Commerce consultancy.

We try to approach each project starting from the customer’s requirements but filling with everything necessary so that the customer’s expectations are always exceeded. Exaco specializes in m-Commerce and e-Commerce solutions. Our aim is to combine yesterday’s experiences with the technologies of tomorrow in order to create a better-programmed future for clients. Our team is distinguished by the ability to work in various technologies and programming languages. We are able to flexibly choose solutions to customer requirements. We believe in partnership our partners in business can always rely on us in every corner-case we approach on the project. Our main values are responsibility, punctuality and flexibility. As Exaco, we support our clients, because we know that their success is also our success. When we cooperate with a client, we build long-term partner relationships, because we believe that only this way will allow for successful project realization.

For our clients we made, among others, the following projects:

  • Project "Mój Carrefour" for Carrefour Poland Sp. z o.o.: mobile and web platform to present Carrefour products offer and activate existing  customers. It enables to remotely configure complete product database, images, locations and prices. Mój Carrefour mobile application for Android is used by over 1 000 000 customers in Poland.
  • Project „EPOS" for Kler S.A. (furniture producer): mobile and web platform to present products in Kler showrooms and to manage the entire sales process. It enables to configure product data sheets and send customer offers from an application, with individual data.
  • Project „mREGIOKONDUKTOR" for Przewozy Regionalne Sp. z o. o. (Polregio; regional railway company): mobile and web platform for exchanging documents between company headquarter and conductors in real time. It enables to remotely confirm that conductors have read documents with a functionality of collecting reports of received responses. The mREGIOKONDUKTOR mobile application is used by 2000 Polregio conductors.
  • Project „Twój Carrefour” for Carrefour Polska Sp. z o.o.: mobile and web platform to present sales data of stores and information about a level of stocks for store managers. It is a data integration hub from over a dozen Carrefour internal systems and external partners data sources.

At Exaco we never think routinely, we love to face the problems. We are a special tasks team, with the clear goal of being able to accomplish even the shortest deadline.




Forever Entertainment was founded in 2010 and is growing fast in the video game industry ever since. Initially a small team of specialists was involved in creating our own titles. Due to the dynamic development, Forever Entertainment started to be a recognizable brand in Poland, and on January 2011, the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange "New Connect".

Another step in our progress was expanding the team and moving to the modern office in the Polish seaside town - Gdynia. At the beggining of our work, original FE games were published on Apple App Store and Google Play. To increase our player base, we decided to start cooperation with the biggest games selling platforms, such as Steam and GOG, where our portfolio regularly expands.

Fact, that our titles became easily accessible for the players all around the world, led us to decision to take part of the international games fairs - you may find us at events such as Gamescom and Tokio Game Show. International audience from Europe, America, and Asia became a focal point of our current and future work.

Our debut on a global scene proved to be very successful and aside from creating our own titles, contacts we have established allowed us to become a publisher. We began to publish games from Poland and abroad, also starting a collaboration with game developers as co-producers.

With our publishing work, we have expanded the platforms on which our games are available, by a wide range of consoles. Not only Playstation 4 and Xbox One - but also not long after its debut on a gaming scene, Nintendo Switch became for us one of the major distributing media. We are interested in porting existing games on this console, as well as publishing original games exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Our main goal is to develop as a publisher and co-producer on the international gaming scene, as well as to expand the audience of our games, thanks to the best known games' events. We put a lot of effort into promoting our work and assuring the highest quality of games branded by Forever Entertainment.




GOODRAM is a brand of storage and memory products that has been established in 2003 by Wilk Elektronik SA, a Polish company with 27 years of experience in the memory and storage business. The company was established in Poland in 1991.

In 2003 Wilk Elektronik SA, the owner of GOODRAM and IRDM brands, opened the first memory modules factory in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2008, thanks to the strategic cooperation agreement with Toshiba, Wilk Elektronik expanded production lines to include NAND-flash based products such as solid state drives and USB flash drives. Factory differentiates itself from others through implementation of in-house testing and quality control systems. GOODRAM and IRDM products can be tested in over 300 different testing platforms to ensure maximum reliability and compatibility of finished products. All these platforms were designed in-house and are continuously improved by Wilk Elektronik R&D team to ensure products are adapted for the most-demanding users and today’s competitive landscape.

GOODRAM lineup includes solid state drives, memory modules, memory cards, USB flash drives and related storage accessories. Products are manufactured and fully tested in Poland. GOODRAM mission is to provide users with easy to use, high quality and affordable products that improve their digital lives. IRDM was established to address the growing demand for top performing and well-designed storage and memory products. IRDM lineup consists of solid state drives, memory modules and memory cards. Products are tiered into three levels (IRDM, IRDM PRO, IRDM ULTIMATE), providing users with flexibility to choose products based on their budget and performance requirements or personal taste. IRDM products are critically acclaimed by industry experts and end-users and won many industry accolades.



現在GOODRAM、IRDMの両ブランドを提供するWILK社は2003年に中央・東ヨーロッパで業界初のメモリーモジュール製造ラインを作りました。2008年に東芝エレクトロニクス・ヨーロッパ社と戦略的代理店契約を締結して東芝ブランドカードの欧州市場での販売を開始し、その後、SSD、USBドライブ等のNANDフラッシュをベースとした製品の組み立て製造ラインも立ち上げました。WILK社の工場は、自社設計のテストプログラムの運用と厳密な品質管理システムにより他社との徹底した差異化を図っております。GOODRAMとIRDMの製品は300を超えるテストプログラムの検査を経て製品の信頼性を圧倒的に高めております。すべてのテストプログラムは自社のR&D部門で設計されており、ハイレベルなパワーユーザーの要求にも耐えうるべく長年改良を重ねてきた結果、競争優位性の高い製品を市場に提供し続けています。GOODRAMのラインナップは、SSD、メモリーモジュール、メモリーカード、USBドライブおよび関連アクセサリーがございます。製品はすべてポーランドで製造、テストされ出荷されております。GOODRAMのミッションは、お客様のデジタルライフを大きく向上させるために、“高品質の使いやすい製品を安価に” 提供することです。

IRDMは、今後ますます需要の高まるパフォーマンスリッチな分野へのストレージ・メモリー製品に特化したブランドです。IRDMのラインナップは、SSD、メモリーモジュール、メモリーカードで、IRDM/IRDM PRO/IRDM ULTIMATEの3カテゴリーがあります。お客様のニーズ・ご予算に合わせてお選びいただけます。





JMC is a software house which develops custom software directly for customers, and on a subcontracting basis. Since our establishment in 1996 we have completed over 1000 projects in Poland and abroad, with some contracts with repeat customers lasting 15 years or more.

Our company was established based on our founders’ research experience in Finland. Currently JMC is a member of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland (SHOKOKAI), and actively participates in the life of Japanese companies in Poland. We have performed several projects for Japanese clients in both Poland and Japan and are looking to continue our expansion in this area. 

We can support Japanese companies with implementation of dedicated software solutions, websites, internet portals, and mobile applications. We are also happy to collaborate as a direct service provider to Japanese clients who are looking for a competent, creative and reliable partner.




Approaching every project with great commitment and passion we produce widely understood advertising and interactive media solutions offering a range of services such as:

  • Video production and animation,
  • 3D graphics (our main export service),
  • Branding and graphic design,
  • Applications and websites,
  • B2B systems,
  • Photography and retouching.


3D graphics

  • Architectural Visualization - We are recognised for our expertise in delivering world class quality interior and exterior design projects. From simple room interior to complex visualisation of public facilities.
  • Product CGI - We do our best to maintain studio-quality packshots in every detail. Are you interested in visualizing your product within a distinctive interior? All of it can be made in our studio by the use of 3D tools.
  • Virtual reality - “Your Imagination Is The Only Limit”. We pride ourselves on keeping our project delivery promises and offer a comprehensive range of creatively designed state of the art VR experiences.
  • Virtual tour - How about allowing your customers to freely look and move around your investment? We provide interactive visualisations of interior and exterior projects in the way which is clear and intuitive for everyone. Our products are available for web browsers, mobile devices and as a standalone application.
  • VR/Game optimized 3D graphics - We are able to guarantee products of the highest quality. This includes a wide range of game/VR ready assets like 3D models, textures, animations, audio as well as complete packages.

3D animations - Embrace the 3-dimensional world with photorealistic or surreal animations for many different purposes such as architectural, character based, physical simulated and also as a part of any video project you’re working on.




MGA started its activity in 1993 and in 2002 it was transformed into a limited liability company. We operate in three areas: programming, accounting and HR and payroll services as well as telecommunications services.

The main subject of our activity is the creation of dedicated IT systems for servicing public and private entities and their subsequent maintenance. We create programs in Oracle Forms & Reports technology and prepare web applications using the Python / Django and Angular programming language. We use the Oracle and PostgreSQL database.

Our main system supports 270,000 properties inhabited by 3.6 million people, which equals 10% of the market in Poland. The system supports waste management, among others, in three out of five Polish cities above 0.5 million inhabitants. The latest MGA product is the Unified Tax System for calculating and enforcing taxes and local fees for the capital city of Warsaw.

Employment: 52 people, including 30 programmers.




NapoleonCat is a Social Customer Service and Analytics tool allowing businesses to improve their Customer Service through social media, understand effectiveness of social media efforts and benchmark against competitors.




Nova Tracking is a technology company that acts as an integrator and solution provider for the TSL (Transport-Forwarding-Logistics) market. We provide solutions for transport and forwarding companies, producers, distributors and retail chains. We develop and implement modern technologies that automate the management of logistics processes.




Soflab Technology ensure business efficiency by focusing on quality assurance, business intelligence and cyber security. Thanks to this the implemented software has better quality, information is safer and data more understandable. We combine high technological competence with human development and the best industry practices and standards.

Since 2008, we have established ourselves as a leader on the quality assurance market. We have been grown out of software testing, so the most important thing for us is constant improvement of the quality and effectiveness of services to provide Customers with errorless solutions. But don’t take our word for it, we have been recognized and ranked in the top 20 European IT Companies by the British ‘Test Magazine’ in 2015 and 2017.

Since the beginning of our market activity we have been involved in thousands of large and complex IT projects. Our Clients include leading companies and organizations from various industries like: telecommunications, banking, insurance, IT, public administration and many others.

We stand out due to our experience, high competence of our specialists and experts, as well as access to know-how and the latest global trends.

We are a private company, not affiliated with any IT system suppliers; thanks to this our work is objective and independent.

Our ultimate aim is the successful implementation of projects, which we achieve through optimised processes, cooperation, direct communication and excellent reliability. We strongly believe, that the highest value is the trust put in us by our Clients.




TenderHut Group includes 5 cooperating companies of the IT industry.

SoftwareHut is the largest company in the group. Our main specialization is to provide high quality software: dedicated IT systems, web services and mobile applications for companies from the enterprise sector, digital agencies and start-ups from all around the world. While creating our software, we use innovative technologies based on Big Data, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality. The company also offers services of widely understood IT outsourcing.

Solution4Labs offers implementation and customization of LIMS (Laboratory Information management Systems) class systems to fulfil individual needs of laboratories. Solution4Labs is a technological partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

LegalHut offers legal advice and substantial public procurement and tender procedures in the area of IT services and products.

ProtectHut is focused on a matter of cybersecurity, and it supports clients in implementing European directives concerning security in cyberspace.

ExtraHut is UX & Deisgn studio. We put eye candy topping on the pragmatic UX approach. We focus on web & product creative services, research, prototyping and analysis.

We developed our own products:

ZoniferoOffice Management System (Mobile application). Zonifero is a management system that streamlines day-to-day office operations. The application allows users to preview detailed room maps, check availability of conference rooms and book them.

AutomatedCheckinFlight Travel Assistant (Bot with Machine Learning). Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence have been put to use to create a virtual assistant which learns about the travellers’ flight preferences and performs virtual check-in.




Sparkbit offers custom-made software solutions to suit client’s individual requirements and assists in selected phases of a project’s life cycle, such as design, development, testing or deployment.


Data analytics and Machine Learning

  • experience in building robust and scalable solutions for processing of time-series data
  • algorithms for filtering and classifying of data
  • expertise in state of the art deep learning techniques
  • rich client-facing web interfaces
  • Technologies: Java, Scala, Python, Cassandra, Angular 5, ReactJS

IoT and Telematics

  • collect data from sensors in vehicles
  • analyze and enrich the data to build business value in areas such as usage-based insurance or personalized driving hints

Backend systems – large scale, distributed systems (Java, NodeJS)

The company values high quality and user friendliness of the product, transparency and openness. It follows industry best practices.

Sparkbit bases software development on Agile practices supported by Continuous Delivery, which guarantees constant collaboration between software developers and clients.

We've worked with big enterprises and medium-sized companies from Europe, North America and Asia.




SPE Global Solutions is a technology company implementing Industry 4.0 solutions in the areas of production, logistics, maintenance, quality control and tooling.

We help manufacturing companies in digital transformation by creating individual projects related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), process automation, robotics and production engineering.

As part of the outsourcing solutions package, we provide a wide range of products and services - from outsourcing of innovation, research and development, through prototyping, reverse engineering, tooling design, construction of control cabinets, PLC programming, ending on IT hardware and software supplies for industrial solutions.

Our mission is to build modern and intelligent industry, driven by technological innovation, which is based on the sustainable and effective use of scarce resources.

We conduct research and development works aimed at developing technological solutions for improving and automating the operational processes of industrial enterprises.




Sescom - Facility Management in the Digital Age

Sescom is a first-of-its-kind technical Facility Management company, where international large-scale business practice meets the flexibility of start-ups. Sescom provides solutions for retailers throughout the entire lifespan of their facilities.

We combine safety and high-quality standards with custom made projects and creative solutions. We use technical knowledge and years of market experience to drive retail innovation. We help our customers to take advantage of the digital transformation to optimise and differentiate their practices while ensuring their facilities’ everyday serviceability.

Sescom in numbers:

  • 34 000 facilities maintained in Europe, and growing
  • 150 international clients in portfolio
  • 18% revenue growth last year

Sescom’s offer

Sescom provides comprehensive solutions for retailers throughout the entire lifespan of their facilities. Our offer includes f.e.:

  • Sescom Store - supporting Retail expansion by designing, building, fitting-out and modernising stores at a great scale.
  • Sescom Facility Management - comprehensive expert knowledge on HVAC, cooling, electrical installations as well as general-construction, repairs and other specialised technical services. Sescpm concentrates specifically on chain facilities.
  • Sescom IT Infrastructure – service and maintenance of passive and active IT infrastructure elements as well as devices including servers, computers, printers, mobile devices and other peripherals. We understand that the profitability of retail chain facilities is linked to the efficiency of their IT infrastructure.

Sescom Energy – monitoring and analysis of the energy usage to provide specific optimisation recommendations.




Velis Real Estate Tech creates technology for buildings that transforms the way you operate in them. We do this by automating the management of commercial and industrial properties. All under one umbrella brand called Singu, combining both our own designed software and hardware.

Our own solutions, provided for property and facility managers as well as owners and tenants, are based on the newest technology, including Internet of Things sensors. Thanks to advanced technology, we create frontline solutions supporting companies in fulfilling Industry 4.0 scenarios.




Winged IT is an IT Recruitment company based in Poland that belongs to the Soflab Group which has operated on the international IT market for 10 years. Our Group employs over 200 people and works with over 100 Clients in more than 10 countries. Over the past several years, we have received many international business awards.

We recruit the best IT talents from Europe ready to relocate to Japan and work for local employees!

IT professionals from Poland and the whole Eastern Europe are recognized as ones of the best in the world. Poland has many achievements in international programming competitions, other Central and Eastern European countries also have excellent results in this field.

IT employees from our region, thanks to their technical skills, professionalism and good English language skills, are engaged by the majority of leading IT companies all around the world.

Winged IT provides its Clients from Japan with effective IT recruitment solutions which ensure the employment and relocation of the best IT professionals. We specialize in engagement among others of:

  • Software developers
  • AI engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Security consultants
  • Quality Assurance experts
  • System administrators.

We assist our Clients and their new employees during the whole recruitment process and with all issues related to relocation to Japan according to the local regulations.

Polish companies offers


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