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Pomerania region stand at Mobile World Congress

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Magdalena Zwolińska | 2018-02-20 16:29:58
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If you're planning to attend Mobile World Congress this year, make sure to visit stand of the Pomerania (Pomorskie) region in hall 6!

ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in Pomerania. In 2013, the sector generated a record revenue representing 1/6 of that of the entire region, and is still growing. Region’s ICT sector (PKD 62 - software-related activities and consulting and related activities and PKD 63 - services related to information) is represented by 5648 active companies, which employ 10 000 IT professionals.

Main represented subsectors are: software development and related R&D processes, IT support, application administration and infrastructure management.


Have a look at the list of companies exhibiting at the stand of the Pomerania (Pomorskie) region (6H10) during Mobile World Congress. The stand will be organised by the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.



Digital Systems is a leading manufacturer and developer on the vehicle security systems market as well as a dynamically developing manufacturer on the vehicle tracking services market. We produce high quality electronic products for automotive industry and provide excellent technical support for our partners. We are experienced in OEM and ODM solutions for the most demanding customers. We've been operating on the vehicle security system market for over 25 years, being one of the first companies developing and producing CAN-bus security system.
You are welcome to see our brand new product - bike security system with mobile application and dedicated web platform - that enables high-level protection of your bike.




Since 2008 MSM studio has been creating state-of-the-art application software (mobile, web, desktop), e-learning content, artwork and animations for primary, secondary and vocational education. Our educational software and e-learning courses are used by thousands of students in 20+ countries around the world. We cooperate with numerous corporate and government educational organisations, and our partner list includes such names as Egmont (Denmark), CBS (USA), GAN Aschehoug (Norway), Noordhoff Uitgevers (Holland), Natur & Kultur (Sweden), EDCO (Ireland), Learnetic (Poland) and many more. In 2018 MSM Studio will develop its own language e-courses for English (K12), Business English and German.




OKE Poland is a systems invention and multi-dimensional software solutions development company with 20 years of experience. The main object of the company is software improvement and development in hybrid TV platforms area, as well as Big Data in business, web and mobile applications. Our Gdansk office provides a complex support to our partners across Europe and the United States. Aside from cooperation, OKE Poland develops original projects led by Research & Development team. R&D invents advanced home automation software based on video and sound analysis, to be expanded to Smart City solution in the future.




Sito Poland is a young, energetic company from the IT sector. We provide our clients with innovative, technologically advanced solutions in such areas as infrastructure, traffic, logistics, land use and environment.

We deliver solutions that support planning, decision-making, development and management of spatial data and operational data systems.

Our experienced team of dedicated IT professionals covers all stages of the software-development process, from an initial consultation, to actual project management and production, to delivery and maintenance of the final solution.

We are currently developing, in cooperation with our partners, one of the first in the world real-time radio signal propagation simulation tool for rapid initial design of 5G network.




SpaceForest develops and commercializes new technologies specializing in microwave techniques and artificial intelligence. We provide a wide range of services in design and prototyping of microwave equipment, precision machinery & electronics. We offer software solutions for post-production filter tuning used to assist manual filter tuning: improving speed, efficiency and eliminating reliance on highly qualified labour. These software suites can also be used in automation of filter tuning by use of a variety of both commercially available and in house developed robots. The use of our Filter Tuning Software gives production greater manpower flexibility, high repeatability and vastly improved speeds over traditional manual tuning.




Speednet is an Software Development company from Poland focused on Web & Mobile Technologies. It offers custom software development and IT outsourcing services – including remote team / consultants leasing. Over 110 engineers, own UI/UX design team, testing team, English speaking staff, large experience in Agile, 16 years on the market and more than 14 foreign markets. Experience with US, UK, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Estonian, and French clients. The company works for several sectors including banking, insurance, telecom, energy, public, military, retail, media, social media, entertainment or TV. Speednet is a part of large Technological Group employing in Poland more than 1700 engineers.




TeleMobile is a team of wireless communication experts serving mobile network operators, equipment vendors and test laboratories worldwide. Leveraging our long-lasting experience in RF and microwave, TeleMobile delivers custom-made products and services for network design, system configuration and test automation. Our simulation of signal propagation (also indoors) and handovers for complex testing scenarios makes RF testing more efficient and geographically wider-reaching. Our scope covers network technologies (2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, 5G), network features (e.g. VoLTE or video streaming) and terminals. TeleMobile’s custom-made equipment is built to order by experienced RF engineers at our premises in Gdynia, Poland.




VR Visio is a Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality studio. We deliver VR/AR solutions for marketing, promotional events, employee training and gaming. 

We create these experiences for HTC Vive, Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and even the newest platforms (ARcore & Acer/Microsoft MR-headset). We also make games for SteamVR, Oculus and PSVR. We have 3 games ready which we can licence or create a new game based on your idea!




WiRan is comprehensive provider of solutions related to Radio Frequency technology with experience in military, railway, IoT and space markets. Company’s RF Design Office is capable of realizing projects from specification draft up to working prototype including dedicated testing procedures to assure you of products quality. Multiple services provided by the company include assembly/reconfiguration of RF systems, EMC troubleshooting, dedicated test setups and maintenance of telecommunication equipment. WiRan eLAB is capable of dedicated DC/low/high frequency local and on-site measurements and climatic tests.




Don't forget to stop by the Polish ICT stand 6M20 as well!

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