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Next stop - IoT World

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Magdalena Zwolińska | 2017-05-11 14:23:49
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May 16-18 we'll be present at the IoT World event in Santa Clara (CA), USA with the Polish ICT promotion stand.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is going to organize a promotion stand, where you'll be able to learn more about the ICT sector in Poland as well as innovative products and services offered by our country. Find us at booth no. 932!



The following companies will be present at the Polish stand:


Apptimia provides software R&D services in selected industry segments. With a growing team of 20+ senior engineers, we help leading logos from USA and Western Europe solve their software R&D problems in a brand-new, lightweight mode and by delivering concrete outcome in iterative, agile way. Apptimia focuses on software for IoT, Agriculture, Manufacturing and UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems).

Apptimia was founded by Telecom Software R&D services veterans, with 19y+ industry experience and we develop all layers of software: embedded, backend/frontend for web applications, mobile devices applications.

Atop of its services business, Apptimia drives its own product development like ApptisenseTM, which is a comprehensive solution for agriculture (vineyards, orchards and farmlands) and provides crucial, crop-related parameters monitoring and analysis.

Based on its experience and expertise Apptimia excels at:

  • developing custom software components in IoT for manufacturing and agriculture: embedded software for smart sensors and remote measurements systems, complete cloud-based web application for sensor data aggregation, dashboarding and decision support systems,
  • developing custom software components for UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems): autopilot, ground control stations and fleet management systems,
  • developing general embedded and web-based software in IoT space.




With more than 1,200 highly skilled specialists, intive helps its customers to turn ideas into digital reality. With a challenging, curious and agile mindset, intive co-creates exceptional software solutions that help its clients to accelerate their own digital transformation. intive adds value along the whole application lifecycle – from the idea of a product to its maintenance. intive is a trusted partner for marquee companies such as Audi, BMW, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, ING, Microsoft, Orange, Viacom, Vodafone, Volkswagen and Zalando.




Liki Mobile Solutions is one of the leading Software Houses in Poland providing enterprise IT services for clients all over the world. The company is the major supplier of software services for fairs and events organizers. One of these innovative solutions is a Show Fairs platform.

In addition the company offers full technical support at all stages of the project. Liki backs up concept analysis and development, software development and business solutions. 

The Software House is an expert in building web applications, software services, outsourcing, IoT and Internet solutions which are customized to meet the exact needs of its' clients. Furthermore Liki Mobile Solutions specializes in both designing and creating mobile apps for all main platforms.

Liki Mobile Solutions team consists of highly qualified and experienced software consultants, architects, designers and developers. Our solutions are simple, intuitive and ergonomic. We guarantee “You will liki it”.




Robotics Inventions is a startup founded 10 years ago in Poland that expanded in 2014 its operations to USA and opened an office in Palo Alto. Robotics Inventions is a New Product Development company delivering in 6 months prototypes of fully- and semi-autonomous robots, the autonomy module RI SPIRIT, the robot swarm management system RI FLEET, innovative user interfaces and various components, having a dedicated production facility, as well as the robotics professional services.

In 2016 Robotics Inventions delivered RI AutoMop - an autonomous robot scrubber for commercial building cleaning and maintenance. RI AutoMop allows to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning teams with the minimal supervision while operating - it self maps the area to be cleaned, and then it cleans the facility autonomously covering 8,000 sq ft / hour. The solution could be further extended with the security module.

RI AutoMop cleaning robots can be deployed in facilities in cooperating groups using RI Fleet management system.

RI Fleet was implemented with help of EU/PARP grants by Robotics Inventions.

The main functionalities of the system:

  • the interface to manage heterogenous robot platforms from single platform
  • assign advanced detection capabilities and algorithms for reconnaissance, inspection, mapping, and services.

In March 2016 the RI Fleet system was awarded by Polish Department of Defense as the Innovation of the Year 2015 for Polish Military. The RI Fleet system has been awarded during European military and civilian competitions ELROB: 2014 - Poland - the best autonomous transport solution for outdoor logistics mission, 2012 - Thun, Switzerland - the best scientific solution for autonomous Reconnaissance and Patrol, in 2009 - Oulu, Finland - the best solution for semi- autonomous Camp Security and detecting intruders mission.



Deep Learning & Software Engineering consultancy. Providing a small team or augmenting teams.

Building bespoke solutions for: image recognition, fraud detection, marketing/financial models, large-scale machine learning and scalable, secure data processing systems using Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Spark.



Woolet is a next-generation wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. It’s ultra slim, Bluetooth-powered, wireless-charged and handcrafted to perfection - the smart accessory for every modern man. It’s just 9.9mm thick, yet packed with cutting-edge technology and designed so you don’t have to worry.

How does it work? Miniature sensors synchronize with your smartphone to protect your valuables. If the Woolet is left behind it sends a notification to your phone via the Woolet App. You will be able to find it quickly in a messy room just before you leave. The app shows the approximate distance between you and your Woolet. It also howls if your wallet is out of reach in public places, allows you to check the last location of your Woolet and turns off notifications when you are at home or work.

Woolet uses wireless charging pads with QI-compatible technology and it takes just three hours to fully charge it. The lifespan of the battery is up to six months.

Woolet is available in two colours, black and brown, and, especially for those, who care about the environment and animal rights, there's a version of Woolet made out of cruelty-free materials. The Woolet ecosystem also includes Woolet Travel XL, Key Finders, Charging Pads, Phone Covers and RFiD Blockers. We give you all you need to feel safe and secure.




Make sure you don't miss Polish companies at their individual stands!


booth no. 1551

Management tool for your restaurant, club etc., integrated with a booking widget, www and social media.




IoT World’s Bronze Sponsor

booth no. 747

Software company, specialized in cloud native application development and professional services related to Cloud Foundry PaaS.

With five expert teams that operate in various sectors of the market across the USA and Europe, we work with a variety of customers from emerging startups to Fortune 1000 companies. We specialize in Rapid Product Development for Enterprises and build new consumer-, enterprise-, and IoT-applications for release in just days or weeks instead of months!

Through the combination of an unconventional software development approach and cutting edge tools, we provide rapid and continuous delivery of cloud-native applications.




booth no. 853

Online marketing agency which focuses on increasing highly valuable traffic for its clients’ websites and generating higher sales. We can make your company grow from zero to hero or help you achieve more from what you already have. Our main areas of expertise are: SEO, PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook, Content Marketing and Web Analytics. We plan and execute our actions according to the newest trends and requirements.

In just four years we’ve conducted more than 500 effective advertising campaigns. We are one of the biggest agencies in Cracow, which is the biggest outsourcing center in Poland. We cooperate with various international brands like: Comarch, Bioderma, ABC Data.




booth no. 804


Talkin’ Things is a global Smart Packaging System, enabling brands an innovative way of communication with final consumers and effective protection against threats related to a brand. The solution is based on the NFC (Near Field Communication)/RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology comprising of software applications and programs together with unique hardware devices, such as encoders, readers and antennas. Talkin’ Things is the only integrator on the market that offers a comprehensive solution for making products smart.



booth no. 123

Velis was founded in 2009 as a proptech (property technology) company. It focuses on designing innovations across commercial and industrial real estate market. The company designed and rolled out five own cloud platforms and became a trendsetter in the proptech area.

We’re not just a software vendor, but we also design our own IoT controllers and integrate our solutions with smart sensors like RFID, NFC and beacons. All our platforms are designed to serve landlords, property managers, portfolio owners and tenants.

Velis is a particularly active in the EMEA region with more than 400 projects across 12 countries. Our IT solutions are used in office, retail, logistics and industrial properties, totalling more than 8 millions m2 of space. Our platforms that are available under one umbrella brand - Singu - are available in thirteen languages including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Velis systems focus on delivering added value to tenants and owners through technology innovations. In logistic and industrial properties, the goal is to reduce costs and create competitive advantage. In office buildings Velis’ solutions deliver value for the tenants and prestige for the property. On the retail market, the focus is on process optimization and managing/controlling soft and hard services smoothly.

New approach also means innovative mobile solutions, integrated smart sensors, innovative licensing models that fit into commercial and industrial needs.

We have two key ingredients for our success: deep knowledge of the industry best practices and improving those with IT innovations. 



If you'd like to know more about Polish ICT, contact us at


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